Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport Card​

Project Description

Fudan 1k is fully compatible with Mifare Classic 1K,since it’s cheaper,it’s getting more and more popular by North America & European customers no matter you are big hotel groups, small private hotels or fitness clubs. This chip works well with most door lock systems as long as it supports Mifare 1k cards.

Clarion hotel order hotel cards from us for many years, from 1000 to 50000, we never let them down. Whatever the card is encrypted or non encrypted, we make cards correctly and send them out on time. Clarion like us, that’s why we are the only vendor when they need to make some cards.

Project Details

  • Order Quantity : 10,000 pieces
  • Chip Used : Fudan 1K
  • Project Type : Small
  • What we do: Full color printing
  • Project Time : 7 working days

Important Points

  • Matte Laminated
  • Exact Color matching
  • QC Full inspection for every cards
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