Combo Card and Key Tag

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Membership,Gift,Discount-All In One Card Combo

Our combo cards are manufactured using only the highest quality materials to offer durability that will hold up with repeated use. Our professional customer support and sales team works closely with you to create the perfect combo cards to help promote your business, reward your old customers, or give your members easy access to the salon, gym, or fitness club and so on.

Plenty of Molds-There is Always One for You

Below are a small part of our molds that are most frequently done by our customers around the world. These types of cards and card combos are widely used in retail stores, super market, fitness club and any other business types that needs to do brand marketing, reward their loyal customers, attract customer return again and again.

Design Template is Prepared Ready for You

You may either have the special ability to do the design work or your hired designer is not familiar with plastic card design, don’t worry. We have prepared all the necessary templates ready for you and our support team will guide you to finish the design. This service is totally FREE of charge.

Why Combo Card or Key Tag Card

  • One Card Multipurpose: Use as gift card, member card, discount card etc
  • One Card Multiuser: One combo can be snapped apart to 2-4 small pieces, enable up to 4 people use the card to enjoy privilege/discount at the same time.
  • Save Cost: You pay only one card combo and get up to 4 card and key tags at one time. Even though one of them is missing, you still have enough backup. No need to pay extra fee to make a new card.

Basic Specifications

  • Material : PVC/PET/PETG
  • Size : 85.5x54mm same as a credit card or customized
  • Thickness : 0.38/0.76mm or customized
  • Customization: Any size and thickness
  • Finished Effect: Glossy/Matte/Transparent Clear or Frosted/Mirror/UV Varnish/Laser
  • Lead Time : 7-14 days printing + 2-5 days shipping
  • Shipping : DHL/FedEx/TNT/UPS/BY Air/BY Sea
  • Payment : PayPal/Bank Wire/Western Union

Printing Technology

  • Magstripe: Loco / Hico, with or without encoding
  • Barcode: 39/128/EAN13/QR or others
  • Number: Thermal print/Inkjet/DOD/Embossing
  • Stamping: Gold/Silver/Black/Red/Blue logo and text
  • Hole Punching: Round/Slot/Pilot
  • Scratch and PIN: Scratch off and PIN
  • Background: White/Metallic Gold or Silver/Others
  • Hologram: Hologram/Hologram foil on card
  • Signature: White/Grey/Transparent
  • Laser Engraved: Laser engraved logo, texts and numbers
Combo Card and Key Tag
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