EuroGsm Telecom Card

Project Description

euro gsm

The EuroGsm card is a successful project we’ve done for Orange company in Romania. 

As this is a telecome card,you can imagine how important the quality the customer require. The competition is very tough, 3 European card printing companies and 4 China based companies get involved in the compaign,finally we win the bid. We are not the cheapest one but we are the best choice based on the top quality and reasonable prices.


Once we get the order, we go full steam ahead for the production. We pay more attention to the gradient blue color on the front side. We keep every details exactly same as artwork to ensure the final card is printed in high quality. Normally this quantity order requires 2 weeks long,however we finish all in 10 working days only. Meanwhile,as we have good relationship with most courier company here,airline company give us prority to booking space on plane. The goods were uploaded on plane the next day the card was ready, and delivered 5 days later after plane take off. Customer was satisfied on both the superb quality card and fast turnaround.

Project Details

  • Order Quantity : 150,000 pieces
  • Barcode : DOD UV Barcode
  • Project Type : Big
  • What we do: Full color printing
  • Project Time : 10 working days

Important Points

  • Gradient Color on the front side
  • Super White material
  • Free Sample for color matching
  • Custom Package
  • QC Full inspection for every cards
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