Intercontinental Bucharest Hotel Card

Project Description

This black intercontinental hotel card use contact ic technology as you can see the contact chip can be seen on the surface of the card. 

Unlike traditional contact cards that the chip is embeded in the middle left or right on the card. Customer appointed specific position of the chip and require the error difference not exceed 0.1mm. This is very strict demand,fortunately our experienced staff do the job perfectly. Each chip is embeded at the right place without any problems.

As we know,black card is always not easy to do because of two things. Firstly, when using offset printing technology to print black in cmyk four color, the black will change. After printing other color on the black background, the other color will change too. This makes the whole card color not precise as artwork shows. Thus, we suggest customer do single black instead of four color black. Secondly, black card tends more easily to get scratches than any other colors. How can we do ? It’s a easy job for us. By adding protection film on both sides of the cards, it deeply decrease the possibility for card to get scratch. At the meantime,we require our production line people pay more attention to these cards and asked QC department do full inspection for all 60,000 cards one by one. Any card with big scratches,dirty dots are not allowed. Finally, we throw more than 500 defective cards but we think it’s worth because quality is our life, quality is our trademark. We are happy that our customer like the cards. 

intercontinental hotel card

Project Details

  • Order Quantity : 60,000 pieces
  • Chip Used : SLE4442
  • Project Type : Medium
  • What we do: Full color printing
  • Project Time : 9 working days

Important Points

  • Custom Antenna position
  • Prevent Card from scratches
  • Free Sample for color matching
  • Custom Package
  • QC Full inspection for every cards
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