Mediterranean Cosmos Shopping Mall Hyatt Card

Project Description

hyatt card

Shopping mall is one of our main customers. So far, we’ve made shopping cards,membership cards,gift cards with more than 20 shopping malls around the world. Mediterranean Cosmos shopping mall is one. This card connects Mediterranean Cosmos and Hyatta hotel on one card. People can use it as shopping card as well as a hotel key access card at the same time.

This project has 3 different designs,same back but different front. Each design 10,000 pieces. The chip is AT24C02 which use contact ic technology. It provides 2048 bits of serial electrically erasable and programmable read only memory (EEPROM) organized as 256 words of 8 bits each,safe for commercial use. Most frequently used as hotel key card. Unlike other supplier may use compatible chip,we always use original chip.That’s why our customer trust in us and buy from us even though they have cheaper prices elsewhere.

hyatt hotel card

Project Details

  • Order Quantity : 30,000 pieces
  • Chip Used : AT24C02
  • Project Type : Medium
  • What we do: Full color printing
  • Project Time : 10 working days

Important Points

  • Custom Chip position
  • Free Sample for color matching
  • Custom Package
  • QC Full inspection for every cards
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